Dekton Wall Cladding Posted On 31/08/2021

Cosentino Dekton wall cladding is becoming one of the go to options for customers, architects and designers. And below you can see a recent project, using Dekton’s Blanc Concrete. Blanc concrete is from the Tech Collection and the colour is reminiscent of concrete.

Wild Stone Wall Cladding Posted On 22/04/2021

We have been involved with Wild Stone wall cladding since it first arrived in the UK. And we have supplied & installed this wall cladding on many projects. So we have a wealth of experience with this product.

Charcoal Slate Wall Cladding Posted On 12/04/2021

We recently supplied & installed charcoal slate wall cladding tiles on a project for two houses in Polzeath. So we get straight into the installation, installing battens at the bottom of the walls. The charcoal slate wall cladding tiles are laid on a bed of adhesive.

Nordic Stone Wall Cladding Posted On 24/01/2021

Nordic stone wall cladding has  a perfect mix of greys & greens. Making it a great choice of wall cladding for your new home. The tones of the Nordic stone wall cladding blend well with most other building materials.

Autumn Slate Wall Cladding Posted On 20/10/2020

Autumn slate wall cladding is becoming a really popular choice. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s used internally or externally. Autumn slate wall cladding has a blend of colours to suite most applications.

Granite Wall Cladding Posted On 06/07/2020

I wanted to show you this perfect example of granite wall cladding, being used to create a feature out of an otherwise boring row of terrace housing. Our granite wall cladding system is really simple & quick to install.

Quartzite Wall Cladding Tiles Posted On 09/06/2020

These quartzite wall cladding tiles were used in various areas on this project. We start with the feature wall in the stairwell. The quartzite wall cladding tiles flow up through the stairwell and on to the landing.

Slate Tiles Posted On 03/05/2020

We supply a unique range of slate tiles. And using this type of slate tile really helps to create a contemporary space regardless of the room. Take a stairwell for instance, normally a space that doesn’t get too much consideration.

Slate Wall Cladding Tiles Posted On 02/04/2020

Are you looking for slate wall cladding tiles to give you that modern look. Slate offers you various options of colour. And the tones of slate often sit well with other materials.

Natural Stone Wall Tiles Posted On 23/01/2020

We supply a great range of natural stone wall tiles in a huge range of colours and sizes. And these contemporary looking tiles create a real modern looking finish to a pretty standard house.