Silver Pearl Granite Worktops Posted On 31/10/2021

Our customers in Truro went for Silver Pearl granite worktops. Silver Pearl, also known as Steel Grey, is very consistent in it’s appearance, large pieces of quartz are found in abundance amongst other smaller grains. Lightly coloured kitchen units give the ideal contrast between the dark grey worktop.

Marble Worktops Posted On 11/10/2021

We installed these beautiful marble worktops for customers in Tregony near Truro. Our customers choose a marble called Arabescato Vagli, which is from Italy. The marble is predominantly milky white with dark grey veins.

Angola Blue Granite Worktops Posted On 07/07/2021

Our customers in Par chose Angola Blue granite worktops for their kitchen. Angola blue granite is quarried in Southwest Africa, in the Republic of Angola. With a very dark back ground, almost black, you will see greys and shimmering blues dotted throughout the worktop.

Blue Pearl Granite Worktops Posted On 03/05/2021

Customers in Wadebridge, Cornwall, chose blue pearl granite worktops to go in their beautiful kitchen. Blue pearl is a Norwegian granite and is one of the hardest granites on the planet. Characterised by its large blue, pearly crystals, set in a luxurious deep blue stone.

Verde Lara Granite Posted On 28/09/2020

Our customers chose Verde Lara granite worktops for their beautiful kitchen near Wadebridge in Cornwall. Verde Lara granite is quarried in Brazil and is also known as Wild West Green. This Verde Lara granite has a beautiful mixture of light and dark green, all swirling together in unusual pattern.

Emerald Pearl Granite Worktops Posted On 12/08/2020

We recently installed these Emerald Pearl granite worktops for customers in Truro. Emerald Pearl is a stunning granite which is quarried in Norway.. This granite has dark green & grey tones with a black back ground..

Ambrosia White Granite Worktops Posted On 14/07/2020

We recently installed these Ambrosia White granite worktops for customers in Trethurgy, near St Austell. Ambrosia White granite worktops look stunning with grey & white kitchen units. And the red tiles give the kitchen that splash of colour which really sets it off.

Buckingham White Granite Worktops Posted On 17/06/2020

Our customers from St Austell chose Buckingham White Granite worktops. Also known as Colonial White and New Imperial White. A blend of pale grey with cloudy silver, accented by black speckles, and dark rose mineral deposits.

Labrador Antique Granite Worktops Posted On 03/06/2020

Recently we installed these beautiful Labrador Antique granite worktops for a customer in Polgooth. Labrador Antique granite worktops are quarried in Norway. And in amongst the brown/burgundy hues, there are fantastic turquoise & blue crystals.

Brown Silk Granite Worktops Posted On 17/03/2020

Our customers in Plymouth choose brown silk granite worktops for their kitchen. Brown silk granite worktops are brown (grey/brown) in colour with a white/cream veining. This granite is quarried in Brazil where a lot of the real nice stones are found.