Stone Wall Cladding

Posted On 03/10/2019

There are so many different types of stone wall cladding systems available today, different stone types, different panels, different fixing methods.

So I thought i’d write a post and guide you to four quality brands of stone wall cladding systems, all of which we manufacture here at Everything Stone.

First up is a natural stone wall cladding system that we have been supplying & installing for many years.

This system consists of two components, panels & quoins. These modular panels fit seamlessly together.

And they are adhered to the wall using a specially formulated adhesive.

Eliminating the need for specialist stone masons. This system is quick & easy to install.

Our natural stone wall cladding systems have been rigorously tested under guidance from the LABC & NHBC.

Enabling their 10 years house building association warranty to be applied.

Over 15 colour options are available, all made from natural stone.

These include granite, slate, quartzite, limestone & sandstone.

Some of the colours available come with a natural stone quoin, creating a quality finish as shown below.

But if you fancy something a little more contemporary, we offer that too.

Each panel is composed of individual natural stones that have been dressed by hand.

Because of the the various depths & textures of the stone, the natural beauty really shows.

You can use these natural stone wall cladding systems internally too.

Making fabulous feature walls in those otherwise boring areas of the house.

To make things more simple for you, we’ve created large displays at our premises.

Not only do you get to see the natural stone wall cladding on display.

But you get to chat about all the detailing with a member of the Everything Stone team.

Ventilated Stone Wall Cladding Systems

So now we move on to the ventilated wall cladding systems or ventilated façade systems as they are also known.

These systems are becoming more popular with the private house builder.

Where previously they have been mainly used commercially.

Ventilated wall cladding is separated from the rest of the wall assembly by a gap or cavity.

The cavity allows the air to flow between the wall & wall cladding.

We offer a huge range of stone wall cladding for this type of facade, from the three manufactures below.

And while all of the manufacturers have slightly different variations on the actual product ingredients.

They all have one thing in common.

Making this stone type the number one choice for wall cladding.

And whether it’s a commercial project, like this one for Tennis superstar Nadal.

Or a private project.

We can manufacture and install stone wall cladding for you or your client.

At Everything Stone you can view the entire range of colours and finishes from each supplier at our premises.

Or we can send samples & literature to you or your customer.

There are various options of mechanical fixings available.

And we can guide you through all the technical specification and offer all the correct information.

So give the Everything Stone team a ring or pop into see us in Par near St Austell in Cornwall.

Where we will assist you with your next wall cladding project.