About us

About us

Everything Stone was created back in 2007, Phil came up with the idea whilst running a construction company called JPB Construction.

JPB’s building projects always used many stone products, walling, paving, floor & wall tiles, worktops and architectural products.

And Phil recalls being a little frustrated by having to source those products from various companies dotted around Cornwall & Devon. So he decided to set up Everything Stone and make it more simple for customers to find everything they need in one place.

About us

Everything Stone is now regarded as one of the standout stone companies in the Southwest with a reputation for quality.

The team is full of energy and their passion for stone drives the company forward.

Phil’s brothers Ross & Alex (above) came to work with Phil at JPB Construction straight from school, and both of them have shown great aptitude, helping Phil to develop Everything Stone in to the company it is today.

Alex has now gone on to become managing director of Everything Stone and Ross is in charge of the factory.

About us

Everything Stone’s turning point as a company was the investment of machinery, and manufacturing their own products has given them total control of quality over their customers projects.  

Purchasing the latest in CNC machinery means there are now no restrictions to their capabilities, it also means they keep up with the latest trends in the industry for all of their customers. 

It was also an important factor to make the factory a safe place to work and for customers to visit, so they invested in the latest storage & lifting equipment. And high on the agenda as always is the environment, so they installed a water storage & water recycling system. 


About us

Many different types of machines are used to manufacture stone products, providing accuracy and quality, but all items are finely finished by hand and sealed before leaving the factory.

The hand finishing process enables the all important quality control to take place, before the products leave the factory with the team of installers. 

The installation of your stone products will always be carried out by one of the Everything Stone team, The whole team is experienced in their particular trade.

About us

A dedicated kitchen worktop showroom has been built at Everything Stone, showcasing the many different types of stone available including granite, marble, quartz, sintered stone, limestone & slate. It’s a great place for customers to come & get inspired.

All of those fabrication details associated with kitchen worktops are also on display, polished sink cut outs, drainer grooves, radius corners, edge profiles etc.

When you visit, you are really looked after and it’s great to see such comprehensive discussions take place. 

They certainly make it simple for you…

About us

Everything Stone are really pleased to have recently taken over Larcombe’s memorials of Mount Charles in St Austell. So they now offer new memorials and headstones as part of their stone product range.

Larcombe’s previous proprietor ‘Rossario Jerome’, who ran Larcombe’s for the last 30 plus years, and who’s family started the business back in 1926, wanted to see Larcombe’s continue after his retirement.

Rossario explains, ‘We wanted to see the business stay local, this was really important, and we also want to see Larcombe’s continue for the next generation. It’s been around for over 90 years! So it was a perfect match for us all, Everything Stone have now taken over the mantle and it’s nice to see they have kept the name, Larcombe’s Memorials’.


About us

Rossario still works with everything Stone and is passing on his wealth of experience and knowledge to the new generation of memorial masons.

Phil explains, ‘Our aim continues on from Roassario’s, which is to provide our customers with the best memorials within the constraints of design, affordability & permissibility. And as always we will offer our utmost service in your time of need.’

A dedicated showroom showcasing the many types of headstones & memorials has been constructed next to their offices & workshop.

Larcombe’s customers will be pleased to hear that  they continue to offer a full renovation and added inscription service for existing memorials & headstones.

About us

Everything Stone also provides a full installation service for stone masonry projects, hard landscaping projects & internal or external tiling projects. 

They take on these projects for retail customers as well as commercially for building contractors, developers and designers. 

After all, they have been involved in the construction industry for many years before supplying & manufacturing stone, and they like to think this experience and knowledge helps to make them a great choice for customers.

About us

To help customers choose the right landscaping and building products for their project, Everything Stone have constructed two external display yards with over 40 natural stone patios on display.

They have also built over 20 large stone wall cladding displays, which really helps customers choose the right product for the right application.

If your looking for architectural products then you won’t be disappointed, on display you will find granite columns, quoins, lintels, sills, kerbs, copings, step treads etc.

About us

Phil goes on to say, ‘We love working with stone and we’re passionate about the products and service we provide our customers. And because we love our job, we pay very close attention to those all important details.’

‘We are really proud of our progress so far, and our aim is to be the best stone company in the Southwest. What does that mean?’

‘Well, for us ‘best’ means that we design, manufacture and install the best stone products in the Southwest, with the best service and experience, and that we do so in a sustainable way. But ‘best’ is also what our customers, trade partners & media say about us.’ 

‘So we welcome you to Everything Stone and hope that you can become part of our story…’