Kitchen Worktops

At Everything Stone We offer a huge range of Granite, Quartz & Sintered stone worktops to suit all styles of kitchens, from standard sized kitchen worktops to large islands & breakfast bars, we do it all.

Using the latest technology to manufacture granite & quartz worktops, enables us to offer many different types of fabrication which is becoming more important in the ever-changing world of kitchen design.

We can also manufacture the largest stone slabs available, meaning that we can offer a wide range of products from several suppliers. This gives you a huge of choice stone when it comes to character, thickness, colour and finish.

If you’d like to view previous worktop jobs click here – Granite Worktops or Quartz Worktops

You can also view some previous worktop jobs on the photo gallery below and visit our showroom in Par to discuss your project in more detail…

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have a showroom?
    Yes, our showroom is located in Par, near St Austell in Cornwall. Please refer to the contact us page above. Our showroom is open from Monday to Friday 08.00 - 17.00 and on Saturdays from 09.00 - 14.00. We can meet you at the showroom after these hours upon request.
    Do you offer samples?
    We are happy to send out samples by post, or you can come into the showroom and pick up samples to take home.
    What’s the lead time to book in a template?
    We like 4 weeks’ notice to book in your template, this allows adequate time to manage our busy work calendar. But 4 weeks notice isn’t always achievable for our customers. So we basically like as much notice as possible and we will always try and help you.
    Do you use your own employees to template & install your worktops?
    Yes. We have trained our own team of specialist templators and installers.
    At what stage should my kitchen installation be before templating?
    We will send you a template check list which outlines everything in detail. But as a rough guide - your base units must be fully installed, in line, levelled and firmly fixed in place. The units must not move after templating. If you have temporary worktops, these should be removed before we template.
    How quickly will you supply my worktops after template?
    If you book in your template early enough we can offer a 5 day turn around, but generally the lead time from template to installation is between 5 – 10 days depending on our volume of work.
    Can you supply worktops in complex shapes, and can you polish sink cut outs and offer drainer grooves?
    Yes, we use the latest Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) bridge saw and routing centre, so we can achieve a multitude of cuts including radius corners & curves, mitres etc. We also offer polish sink cuts outs, drainer grooves, tap holes and a multitude of edge profiles.
    How thick are stone worktops?
    Granite and marble is generally 30mm or 20mmmm thick. Quartz & sintered stones come in 12mm, 20mm & 30mm. There are many ways of achieving a much thicker look by fabricating drop down mitre edge profiles or sandwiching edge profiles.
    Do my kitchen units need any extra strengthening before stone worktops are installed?
    If you are installing new units then they will certainly be strong enough to support your granite worktops, provided your units are installed as per the manufactures instructions. However, it is a good idea to install a batten around the perimeter of the wall to give the granite additional support especially in the corners of the room. Extra support is sometimes required where the granite is joined. Advice can be given when you discuss your project with us, and also on the day of template. Giving you time to carry out any extra support work before we install the worktops.
    What is the longest length of worktop I can have?
    The worktop length depends on the stone type you have chosen. A general rule of thumb for the longest length of worktop is approximately 2.8m – 3.2m. But we can join your worktops to achieve what ever length you require.
    How is the worktop joined?
    We use electric vacuum seaming machines, which clamp the stone and enables the installer to align worktops with ease. We use the latest in pre-matched coloured adhesives which suit the colour of your stone.
    What is the largest single piece island worktop top I can have?
    This will depend on the stone type you have chosen, some slabs of stone are 2.4m x 1.2m but some are as large as 3.4m x 1.9m. You must consider the weight of a large island worktop top and where in the house it is being installed, 1st floor or ground floor. Can a large island worktop be carried to the kitchen easily? Do we need to organise a crane to lift the island top from our delivery truck up to the 1st floor or can we manage with 4 or 6 guys carrying it up a staircase.
    What happens on the day of worktop installation?
    We need to park the van as close as we can to your house or business premises, and clear access must be provided to the kitchen. Some dust and noise will be made on the day of installation. You will need to organise your plumber & electrician to install items such as taps and hobs after we have completed the worktop installation.
    Do you seal the stone worktops?
    Yes, we seal all natural stone worktops in the factory after fabrication has been completed. We use a sealant called Dry Treat Stain Proof which is an impregnating micro porous sealer, which means it is not a surface sealer. This gives superior stain proof and longevity compared to other products on the market.
    Can I scratch my stone worktops?
    Diamonds and Corundum will scratch all granites, quartz will scratch some, but it is difficult to scratch any granite with a knife.
    Can I chip my stone worktops?
    If you hit the worktop hard with something substantial on a corner, edge or across a cut out, it could chip. Usually if you drop a glass or mug on the worktop, the glass or mug will smash not harming the granite.
    Can I harm the stone worktops by placing saucepans or pans straight off the cooker?
    There is a risk that heat shock could crack the worktop or create the surface of the stone to splinter. So we recommend that you use a trivet.
    If I want to replace my existing worktops, do you remove existing worktops and take care of the entire job?
    Yes, we will manage the work for you from start to finish. We remove your existing worktops and dispose of them. We also bring in the necessary carpenter, electrician, plumber and tiler.
    Do you provide Plumbing or Electrical services?
    We generally don’t organise these elements because your kitchen fitter is the project manager and oversees this work. But if we are involved with the removal of worktops, then we can organise for a plumber & electrician to attend site.
    Do you provide Warranty?
    We are an established family run stone fabricating company in Cornwall, who’s reputation has and will continue to grow on word of mouth. If you have any problems with any element of our work. You just need to ring up or pop in to our showroom to discuss the problem. We rectify any issue’s.

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