Hard Landscaping in Cornwall Posted On 08/01/2018

We started a new project in Crantock today.

Removable Marble Shelf Posted On 20/12/2017

In one of the bathrooms on this particualr project, we had to create and install a removable shelf and back panel. Access was required into a rear room where the UFH manifold had been installed. And because the shelf was in the shower, it had to be water proof.

Book Match Marble Wall Cladding Posted On 07/11/2017

I thought I’d share a small post about marble book match wall cladding as we have done our fair share of it over the last 5 or 6 years. When people refer to book match marble, they refer to having two slabs of marble next to one another, where both slabs mirror each other.

Marble Sink for a Marble Worktop Posted On 15/10/2017

In this post we take you through the process of creating a marble sink and installing it within a large island countertop for a kitchen. This particular marble is called Arabascato Vagli and it has very characterful veining running through the stone.

Circular Slate Hearth Posted On 07/09/2017

We were asked to supply a circular slate hearth for a customer, but didn’t realise quite how large it was going to be. We had to get two slabs of black Italain Slate with a honed finish, one slab for each half of the circle.

Granite Sink for a Granite Worktop Posted On 07/08/2017

We have been asked to make another stone sink! Now this is not a commom request and two on the same project is pretty cool. We must be doing something right!

Marble Vanity Tops Posted On 20/07/2017

We are currently working on a large private residential project in Mid Cornwall, and the customer has asked for some very bespoke products. We start off by showing you some fabrication work relating to a couple of vanity tops with splash backs.

Showroom Now Open Posted On 01/06/2017

Our new showroom is open!

Bathstone Columns Posted On 10/05/2016

A customer in Truro asked us to replace their Bathstone columns at the main entrance to their town house… Bathstone is actually a limestone and there’s a few open cast limestone quarries up in and around Bath.

Bath Project – Slate Window Surround Sets Posted On 18/04/2016

The final part of the stone walling installation is the slate window surround sets, which we fabricated back at our workshop. Before fabrication we had to survey and create templates for each window surround.

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