Sandstone Paving in Cornwall Posted On 10/07/2018

We have now completed the installation of sandstone paving, and set to work pointing the joints. We are using GftK joint mortar which is really easy to use and produces a decent finish without having to touch the mortar during application.

Hard Landscaping in Cornwall Posted On 09/06/2018

The Plan up by the main house is to create two new circular patio areas around the lower lawn area and a new patio area with main entrance path up by the main house. So whilst works were progressing in the river, we started to clear the area up by the main house.

Working in a Cornish River Posted On 09/05/2018

Our first job on this project was to protect the river bank from further erosion. So after a lot of deliberation with the customer, we decided to use gabion baskets at the foot of the river bank. Our first job was to clear the foot of the bank from stones and large rocks.

Reinforced Concrete Staircase Posted On 09/04/2018

Time to concrete the main flight of steps leading up to the top terrace. We use Faheys Concrete who are based down the road from our offices and showrooms at Par. And they have a long reach conveyor which makes our life on a site like this much easier.

Balcony Screeding Posted On 13/03/2018

Photos 1 Now time to screed the balcony deck. We use two layers of wax builders paper to separate the existing balcony deck substrate from the cementitious screed. We also install insulation around the perimeter of the balcony which is removed after screeding and filled with a weak 10:1 sand and cement.

Reinforced Concrete Stair Case Posted On 12/02/2018

After installing the retaining walls and steps on the lower section, we now concentrate our efforts on the timber form work for the long flight of steps leading up to the main terrace.

Hard Landscaping in Cornwall Posted On 08/01/2018

We started a new project in Crantock today.

Removable Marble Shelf Posted On 20/12/2017

In one of the bathrooms on this particualr project, we had to create and install a removable shelf and back panel. Access was required into a rear room where the UFH manifold had been installed. And because the shelf was in the shower, it had to be water proof.

Book Match Marble Posted On 07/01/2019

I thought I’d share a small post about marble book match wall cladding, as we have done our fair share of it over the last 5 or 6 years. When people refer to book match marble, they refer to having two slabs of marble next to one another, where both slabs mirror each other.

Marble Sink for a Marble Worktop Posted On 15/10/2017

In this post we take you through the process of creating a marble sink, and installing it within a large island worktop for a kitchen. This particular marble is called Arabascato Vagli, from the home of marble in Italy and has very characterful veining running through the stone.

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