Lapitec Worktops

Posted On 22/04/2020
Although we are based in Cornwall, we work all over the south West of the country. This blog post is to showcase a job we carried out on the Isles of Scilly, installing Lapitec Worktops.

Lapitec is a sintered stone, it’s made from a selected blend of natural minerals.

And due to the high temperature manufacturing process, Lapitec is extremely hard wearing and non porous.

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Our customer choose Lapitec Aurora for their house.

Lapitec worktops by Everything Stone But our first job is to take a quick flight to the Isles of Scilly for the template.

And then it’s back to the workshop so we can start manufacturing the Lapitec worktops.

Lapitec worktops by Everything Stone First Josh gets set up on the CNC bridge saw.

Lapitec worktops by Everything Stone And he cuts the worktops to size.

Then it’s time for the CNC routing centre.

Alex loads on the slab.

And Locki programs the CNC.

Then whilst this Lapitec worktops are being routed to shape.

We can get edge polishing and profiling with other pieces.

and as always, we finish every piece by hand to make sure that it leaves our workshop in perfect condition.

All of these Lapitec worktops are crated up for the journey.

Vinney & Ryan head to the Isles of Scilly to meet the worktops on the other side.

The Lapitec worktops are uncrated, checked for any issues and then taken to the house for installation.

Lapitec worktops by Everything Stone So there you have it, another installation completed.

Standard items of fabrication included a polished sink cut out for a bell bast sink. Drainer grooves & radius corners.

Lapitec worktops by Everything Stone If you’d like to come and find out more.

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