Lennon Granite Worktops

Posted On 09/01/2019

We recently installed Lennon Granite Worktops in a small kitchen for a customer in Fowey.


Quartz, feldspar and mica: evocative crystals that form the very essence of granite are reflected on the surface of Lennon.

The heart of Natural Stone, open like a pomegranate, reveals a wonderful structure.

This reproduces crystallised minerals hewn by the work that nature has been patiently undertaking for millions of years.

Lennon granite from Naturamia® Collection takes its name from the most iconic John in contemporary pop.

And, just like his music, this granite transmits a whole world of sensations in the spaces where it is installed.

In a bathroom or as a kitchen worktop, it fits in marvellously well with decors in coffee, lavender blue or powdery shades.

In its vintage version, the light is gently softened and in a gloss finish the surfaces project a kaleidoscopic, superb effect.

Pop into our showroom and you view the Lennon in book match form. 

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Have you ever wondered how much granite worktops or quartz worktops cost?

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