Book Match Marble

Posted On 07/01/2019

I thought I’d share a small post about marble book match wall cladding, as we have done our fair share of it over the last 5 or 6 years.

When people refer to book match marble, they refer to having two slabs of marble next to one another, where both slabs mirror each other. The effect looks like one slab is next to a mirror.

All slabs of natural stone are cut from large blocks, like a loaf of bread being cut into slices.

Usually slabs from a block of stone are all polished on the same side, but in order to achieve a book match finish, you must polish the opposite sides of the two adjoining slabs.

When they are laid next to one another, you get the book match effect.

But before any of the processing can be carried out, the marble has to be quarried.

Once the blocks have been quarried, cut into slabs & polished.  The slabs are distributed around the world to wholesalers, where you can visit and choose your own slabs.

The slabs are then delivered to our factory where we take over the next stage of the process.

In order to achieve a high quality finish on the installation, time must be taken to set out the pieces from each slab.

This process cannot be rushed and is probably the most important step. 

Once the setting out is complete, the cutting and fabrication can commence.

The final stage is the installation and is often where the fun begins because we go from a controlled environment into a site environment which is often anything but controlled. 

Anyway have a look at some of our installations below…