How About Some Marvellous Marble…

Posted On 28/03/2019

As part of our ongoing mission to show you what stone’s are readily available. 

We start off by showing you some Spanish Nero Marquina…

The white veining on black back ground would look stunning in a bathroom as a feature wall.

We go from Spain to China to see their White Panda.

This white marble often has a striking green vein running through it.

We now travel to the middle East, Iran to be precise, to see the Popular Pietra Grey marble.

This marble always has a lighter, much fainter veining running through it.

Definitely a more calming ambience about it.

A hop & a skip from Iran, and we’re in India to see the Green Guatemala.

Serpentine is one of the minerals that compose this marble, and it has that mangrove jungle feel to it.

Designers and architects love to use this marble in luxury bathrooms and as feature walls or countertops.

Have you ever wondered how much Quartz Worktops or Granite Worktops cost?

Well, to help you from being a little like this…

And a little bit more like this…

Click on to the link below which will take you to our Blog Post, explaining about the Cost of Granite Worktops versus Cost of Quartz worktops.