Blue Pearl Granite Worktops in Cornwall

Posted On 15/10/2018

Blue Pearl granite worktops can offer real character in your kitchen.

For the best quality, this granite is quarried in Norway, and is among some of the best quality stones from around the world.

We supply these blue pearl granite worktops in different thicknesses, shades and finishes.

All granite is porous, therefore it needs to be sealed to protect against staining and bacteria.

We use Dry Treats Stain Proof for sealing all of our Natural Stone.

You can view all the necessary information on Dry Treats website here 

Due to Dry Treats unique micro porous technology, the sealant actually lines the capillaries of the stone

So it sits within the stone rather than on top like the old surface sealers used to.

This gives the sealer longevity, which in turn provides easier maintenance on your granite worktops going forward.

Have you ever wondered how much granite worktops or quartz worktops cost?

and have you ever wondered how to purchase granite worktops & quartz worktops? 

Well to help you from being a little bit like this

And a little more like this…

Click on to the link below which will take you to our Blog Post, explaining about the Cost of Granite Worktops versus Cost of Quartz worktops.