Silestone® Integrity Sink

Posted On 17/07/2019
Integrity sink in our showroom

The Silestone Integrity sinks boast all the characteristics of Silestone® that make it a reference product on the market.

high scratch resistance, durability and the highest performance in terms of design. And we are recommended manufactures and installers of these sinks. Below we show you the basic method of installation.

So first the worktop has to be manufactured to the correct sizes & shape. the sink cut out is also created at this stage before the worktop is turned upside down and rebated around the perimeter of the sink cut out.

The sink is then glued and clamped.

As you can see, the sink/worktop junction is really messy. So we now take the sink & worktop away from the machinery and hand it over to our stone fabricator.

And he wet polishes the sink edge profile to perfection by hand.

As you can see, the junction between sink and worktop is not visible.

Integrity gives you the sensation of unity, of perfect integration with the rest of the elements of your worktop. A single piece designed in all the Silestone colours.

So with the worktop complete it is taken to site and installed.

We use the Silestone bracket system because it helps carry the weight of the sink easily

This bracket system is relatively quick & simple to install because of it’s design.