Removable Marble Shelf

Posted On 20/12/2017
In one of the bathrooms on this particualr project, we had to create and install a marble shelf and back panel.

Access was required into a rear room where the UFH manifold had been installed, so we had to create a removable marble shelf.

rebating marble shelf by everything stone And because the shelf was in the shower, it had to be water proof.

So we came up with a suitable design and fabricated the shelving unit and back panel installing plastic gasket seals where necessary.

installing rubber gasket into marble shelf by Everything Stone We also had to rebate for a glass shelf and provide hole cut outs for the down lights.

marble shelf by everything stone marble shelf by everything stone You will probably have read in many articles that marble will stain easily, and the lighter the marble, the more easily it will stain.

These statements are true, so it’s important to seal marble, especially when it’s in a bathroom.

We are certified applicators and stockists of Dry Treat Stain Proof, which is a micro porous sealant for natural stone and porcelain.

You can view all the necessary information on Dry Treats website here 

Due to Dry Treats unique micro porous technology, the sealant actually lines the capillaries of the stone. Allowing the stone to breath.

But because the sealant sits within the stone rather than on top like the old surface sealers used to.

It means that you don’t have to re-seal your stone every 6 to 12 months.

You can go without re-sealing for ages.

Marble is easy to clean and using hot soapy water is sufficient most of the time.

But if you want to clean your marble with a cleaning product it’s best to use a ph neutral product.

And we recommend using a product like Hanafin Rejuvenata, which we also stock.

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