Larcombe’s Memorials

Posted On 21/05/2019

Last year we were very proud to announce the take over of Larcombe’s Memorials of St Austell.

Larcombe’s Memorials have been supplying headstones and memorials throughout Cornwall for over 90 years.

So having the opportunity to continue the Larcombe’s name for the next generation, is amazing!

And keeping the business as local as possible was also an important factor for us all.

So we have moved the Larcombe’s Memorials showroom and workshop down to our premises in Par.  

Ross Jerome, who has run Larcombe’s for the previous 30 plus years.  And his head installer Paul and receptionist Erika, have all stayed working with us.

Ross is now passing on his invaluable knowledge and expertise, training up current members of our team.

Larcombe’s Memorials is still carrying out the same type of work as before.

Offering high quality natural stone headstones and memorials throughout the whole of Cornwall.

And in order to promote Larcombe’s in the right way, making sure everyone knows that we adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to the erection and installation of Headstones & Memorials.

We have recently become registered and certified with The British Register of Memorial Masons (BRAMM).

We also continue to offer engraved signs for homes and businesses.

 And we are capable of fabricating those more bespoke signs in stone, using our CNC routing centre.

Larcombe’s Memorials have been lucky enough in the past to do Royal plaques too.

So it’s business as usual from us, and we look forward to seeing you down at Par….