Retaining Walls

Posted On 26/02/2015
We have built many different types of retaining walls over the years.

On this project the two Ryans are just starting to build a simple block built retaining wall.

retaining walls by everything stone Concrete blocks are delivered by one of our suppliers, but due to access issue’s, we have to cart everything down to the bottom of the garden using a dumper.

retaining walls by everything stone This retaining wall starts off a 675mm wide.

retaining walls by everything stone And we drop back to 450mm wide as we work our way to the top of the retaining wall.

retaining walls by everything stone

Land Drain & Weed Suppressant

It’s time to install the land drain behind the retaining wall and the weed suppressant, both are important items to consider.

Below we use the weed suppressant behind a retaining wall.

We actually wrap the land drain in the weed suppressant first.

We then lap the weed suppressant up the back of the trench behind the retaining wall.

retaining walls by everything stone Backfilling behind retaining walls with clean stone is an important step in this process.

retaining walls by everything stone Using the weed suppressant behind retaining walls like this helps to stop dirty soil contaminating the clean stone.

It also prevents dirty water from hitting the back of the retaining wall.

The land drain will take away any water that permeates down to it, meaning that your retaining wall will look amazing for years.

Now we can lay out the weed suppressant across the entire over site where we will be installing decking.

retaining walls by everything stone Weed suppressant membrane is perfect for preventing weed growth underneath the decking.

retaining walls by everything stone To find out more about the landscaping services we offer at Everything Stone click here – Everything Stone Landscaping

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