New External Displays

Posted On 11/12/2013
White Timber Pergola So after installing most of the patio displays, we now concentrate our efforts on the white timber pergola that has been designed to sit on our granite columns, hovering stylishly over our Venetian feature display. The white pergola will add that touch of distinction to our display, it will hopefully stay in people’s minds when they come and visit us.   Pergola’s can sometimes have that old fashioned stigma attached to them, something that you might find in an older style garden.  So here at Everything Stone we want to try and achieve a modern contemporary look by using an old fashioned design.  Time will tell, but we hope the addition of our pergola to our external displays will give the customer something else to consider when designing their garden.         We can assist you with all elements of garden design at Everything Stone.  Our experienced staff don’t just sell the products we offer, we also install, offering you the technical assistance required to make decisions.