Lovely Limestone

Posted On 17/09/2019

Our customers in Portscatho on the Roselyn peninsular, wanted a natural stone floor tile to bring some character to their kitchen.

So when they visited our showroom in Par, they were really happy to find this limestone tile.

They decided to use the 560mm by random length size tile to create what we call the Cornish Lines pattern.

This tile also comes in the size of 840mm x 560mm, so you can create the brick bond or staggered brick bond pattern too. Both options are 22mm thick.

The subtle grey colour of this limestone enhances the colours of the furniture in the kitchen.

In fact, this limestone is often used in all rooms of the house because of it’s ability to blend in well with it’s surroundings.

The limestone floor tiles continues through into the entrance hall.

It’s important to seal limestone flooring tiles and we supplied our customers with a sealer which is applied before & after grouting.

You can view all the necessary information on Dry Treats website here 

Due to Dry Treats unique micro porous technology, the sealant actually lines the capillaries of the stone.

So it sits within the stone rather than on top like the old surface sealers used to.

This means that you don’t have to re-seal your flooring tiles every 6 to 12 months.

You can go without re-sealing for many years.

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