Limestone Flooring Tiles & Wall Tiles

Posted On 03/12/2014

Our Clients in Bodmin came to us looking for a company who could help them with all of their stone requirements for their up and coming barn conversion.  
URBINO ANTIQUE LIMESTONE (8) At Everything Stone we offer a huge range of products and installation services, offering stone for every type of application.

whether it’s a simple stone floor you require or a complex architectural feature, we can help.

We start off with the wet room which has been tiled from floor to ceiling with our Cepes Limestone with a satino finish.

The living room and kitchen floors were tiled using our grey Limestone large format slabs.CEPES SATINO LIMESTONE (4)  You’ll notice that the limestone has been antiqued which gives it a very traditional appearance, great for cottages or barn conversions such as this.CEPES SATINO LIMESTONE (5)CEPES SATINO LIMESTONE (6) CEPES SATINO LIMESTONE (7)CEPES SATINO LIMESTONE (10) CEPES SATINO LIMESTONE (11)
The main bathroom was a slate affair, using the very modern looking, but very cost effective Brazilian slate. 

This slate is calibrated to 10mm thick making it ideal for tiling.  
BRAZILIAN BLACK SLATE (1) The slate tile has a very small riven effect on the surface which is created when the slate is split into slabs.

This riven is normally no more than 1mm high making it perfect in bathrooms, wet rooms or around swimming pools.
BRAZILIAN BLACK SLATE (3)BRAZILIAN BLACK SLATE (4) Oher additional stone items in this bathroom were the stone basins and honed slate counter tops, lovely additions don’t you think!BRAZILIAN BLACK SLATE (6)BRAZILIAN BLACK SLATE (7)
We end with the kitchen and the lovely granite worktops. 

The clients chose Steel Grey Granite due its dark and quite consistent appearance.STEEL GREY GRANITE (2) STEEL GREY GRANITE (4) STEEL GREY GRANITE (5) STEEL GREY GRANITE (7)
Every stone product in this blog post were sealed using Dry Treat Stain Proof & Dry Treat Stain Proof Meta Cream.    DT logo_AA_Jan2012

You can view all the necessary information on Dry Treats website here 

Due to Dry Treats unique micro porous technology, the sealant actually lines the capillaries of the stone.

So it sits within the stone rather than on top like the old surface sealers used to.

This means that you don’t have to re-seal your worktops every 6 to 12 months. You can go without re-sealing for many years.

A granite worktop is easy to clean and using hot soapy water is sufficient most of the time.

But if you want to clean your worktop with a cleaning product it’s best to use a ph neutral product.

And we recommend using Hanafin Rejuvenata, which we also stock.

Have you ever wondered how much granite worktops or quartz worktops cost?

Well, to help you from being a little like this…

And a little bit more like this…

Click on to the link below which will take you to our Blog Post, explaining about the Cost of Granite Worktops versus Cost of Quartz worktops.