Posted On 12/02/2020
We started this landscaping project in the lead up to Christmas, up near Spreyton in Devon.

So the pressure was on as usual.

We laid the hardcore sub-base to the necessary falls, compacting in layers.

We were also asked to carry out the necessary ground work for what will become a decorative herb & vegetable garden.

Doesn’t look very decorative at the moment does it.

So we got started with the paving.

Landscaping by Everything Stone The paving that the customers choose is sandstone, and comes in sizes of 900 x 600.

Landscaping by Everything Stone This sandstone paving is calibrated to 20mm thick, which makes it easier to install.

Landscaping by Everything Stone As you can see, we are installing this paving right up to the swimming pools edge, forming the coping stones around the perimeter of the swimming pool.

Landscaping by Everything Stone Because the the linear drainage channels had been installed level infront of the building that surround this swimming pool on two sides.

We had to cut diagonal lines through the corners of the paving to makes sure we had sufficient falls.

Landscaping by Everything Stone Like with any pool, there are a number of frames & lids to cut around. including Light transformers, drainage sumps, IC’s.

Landscaping by Everything Stone Once all the paving had been installed we pointed using Mapei’s ultra colour plus.

A time consuming process but worth it for the finish.

We then silicone the junction between the coping & swimming pool walls.

Landscaping by Everything Stone We use Mapei’s LM silicone which is perfect for stone, bonds to most things and is good around swimming pools.

Landscaping by Everything Stone So another landscaping project completed.

Landscaping by Everything Stone Landscaping by Everything Stone Landscaping by Everything Stone As always we seal all of our granite coping stones and paving with Dry Treat Stain Proof.

You can view all the necessary information on Dry Treats website here

Due to Dry Treats unique micro porous technology, the sealant actually lines the capillaries of the stone.

So it sits within the stone rather than on top like the old surface sealers used too.

This means that you don’t have to re-seal every 6 to 12 months.

You can go without re-sealing for many years.

Remember the herb & vegetable garden, well we went from this.

To this.

And after a few months it looks lovely, reminds me of a proper old English garden.

Landscaping by Everything Stone Landscaping by Everything Stone Landscaping by Everything Stone To find out more about our landscaping services click here – Everything Stone Landscaping

We don’t just carry out landscaping projects, we are also a supplier & manufacturer of stone products.

Why not pop down to see us at Par near St Austell in Cornwall, where you can walk around our two external displays and get inspired.

We have over 40 natural stone patios on display along with loads of landscaping features.

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You can also view the latest in natural stone wall cladding systems with over 20 displays.

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Being able to see the products on display really helps you visualise your own landscaping project.

And whilst your here looking at all the landscaping products, you can discuss your project with one of the Everything Stone team.

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