Landscaping in Cornwall

Posted On 22/10/2019

Do you have a landscaping project in Cornwall, and your not quite sure what supplier to see and what landscaping contractor to use?

At Everything Stone we don’t just supply your landscaping products, we have been carrying out landscaping projects in Cornwall for many years.

So why not pop down to see us at Par near St Austell in Cornwall where you can walk around our two external displays and get inspired.

We have over 40 natural stone patios on display along with loads of landscaping features.

Coping stones, step tread & riser sets, edgings, kerbs, gate posts & columns.

You can also view the latest in natural stone wall cladding systems with over 20 displays.

Perfect for those garden walls or feature walls.

Being able to see the products on display really helps you visualise your own landscaping project.

And whilst your here looking at all the landscaping products, you can discuss your project with one of the Everything Stone team.

At Everything Stone we are open 6 days a week and you can either pop into see us between open hours or you can arrange for one of us to come out & meet you at your project.

We have been landscaping in Cornwall since 2002, working on projects from Sennen right up to Bath.

And we carry out many different size jobs from small garden projects.

to the larger commercial landscaping projects in Cornwall.

One of the first stages of any landscaping project is a survey. We often come to site and carry out a survey before estimating the costs of the landscaping project.

Surveys can sometimes be very comprehensive depending on the project details. And generally, the more comprehensive the survey is, the more accurate the quotation will be.

But sometimes it can be tricky to accurately price some items of landscaping work, especially when the site has really bad access or the work is very unusual.

So on these occasions works have to be carried out on a day work basis where an hourly rate for each team member is agreed. A mixture of both methods can be used depending on the nature of the work.

Fortunately at Everything Stone we have probably covered most types of landscaping in Cornwall, so we can quote projects and lead customers through all the potential issue’s.

I have put together a mixture of images below showing previous work that we have carried out, basically giving you a better idea on what we can do.

Site Clearance, Reduce Excavation & Concrete Footings

We start off by showcasing a project we did in Bath.

And we start where every landscaping project normally starts, and that’s with site clearance and excavation works.

Grading the site and stock piling top soil so we can commence work on excavating footings for retaining walls.

The two Ryans are starting to build the retaining wall, and we’ve just concreted pad foundations for the decking sub-frame support posts.

Block Built Walls

Concrete blocks being delivered by one of our suppliers, and on this project due to access issue’s, we have to cart everything down to the bottom of the garden using a dumper.

Our masons are building a concrete block retaining wall.

Land Drain & Weed Suppressant

It’s time to install the land drain behind the retaining wall and the weed suppressant, both are important items to consider.

Below we use the weed suppressant behind a retaining wall.

We actually wrap the land drain in the weed suppressant first.

We then lap the weed suppressant up the back of the trench behind the retaining wall.

Backfilling behind the retaining wall with clean stone and cap the clean stone with more weed suppressant.

Using the weed suppressant behind retaining walls like this helps to stop dirty soil contaminating the clean stone.

It also prevents dirty water from hitting the back of the retaining wall.

The land drain will take away any water that permeates down to it, meaning that your retaining wall will look amazing for years.

Now we can lay out the weed suppressant across the entire over site where we will be installing decking.

Weed suppressant membrane is perfect for preventing weed growth underneath the decking.


Getting started with the installation of the decking sub-frame, first we need to get cutting.

Followed by setting out the perimeter of the decking sub-frame.

And then bolt the main supporting timbers.

bolting up decking sub-frame

Joist hangers are installed so we can infill the remaining joists.

A view from the top of the garden next to the main house shows the extent of decking on this project.

We’re using a composite decking called UPM Profi decking which we’ve installed quite a lot, and have displays of this at our showroom.

Working our way around the pond & swimming pool.

The customer has also asked us to install a swimming pool cover on to the top of this decking.

Really simple to do, just fixed down the stainless steel rails.

And sit the pool covers on top.

The ends had to be bolted on but it was a real simple process.

Two more decks were installed up by the main house and the view from here looks amazing

Hard Landscaping

Over the years we’ve carried out many hard landscaping projects.

This one below was in Sennen, Cornwall.

The architect on this project used a number of different materials including limestone paving & concrete steps.

Local natural stone walling with a very tight joint.

Concrete steps lead down from a top terrace to the swimming pool.

As you can see, some of the concrete steps were curved and we got these manufactured at CCP in Bissoe.

The customer choose limestone paving with a very slight flamed finish which added sufficient grip when wet.

We used this paving to form coping stones around the swimming pool too.

All limestone paving is sealed using a natural stone sealer called Dry Treat Stain Proof, which we stock and you can view the product here – Dry Treat 

This landscaping project in Cornwall was made all the more amazing by the view out to the Celtic Sea.

We also carried out some internal works on this project, click here to view – Sennen Internal Works

Our next landscaping project takes us over the other side of Cornwall to Liskeard in Cornwall, and to a more traditional looking garden project.

And as usual we start off with a little swing shovel to start excavation works.

There were a lot of services to install in this little garden, water & waste for water feature, pipes for a macerator and ducting for lighting cables. 

We used a grey sandstone for this project near Bodmin, two sandstone circle kits & paving slabs for the step treads.

Sandstone sets brought everything together.

The customer had two old granite mill stones which we installed in the centre of each circle. 

The final job as always was the pointing, so we cleaned down.

And used a brush in pointing compound which always looks brilliant when completed.

Now we pop down the road where we installed a feature garden at the Eden Project.

This garden was featured at the Chelsea Flower show in London, and was donated to the Eden Project. We were asked to install it.

The granite was quarried & manufactured locally at Delank quarry in Cornwall.

So first we installed a concrete base for the plunge pool.

Block built walls were constructed for the plunge pool.

And granite copings were installed.

Hand carved granite reels were installed from one end to the plunge pool.

As you can see below, children are playing with water that is pumped out of holes in the granite.

And the water runs down the granite reels into the plunge pool.


There are so many different types of drives so I’ve picked a few different drives that we’ve installed previously.

Starting off with a large drive in St Austell, Cornwall, which we had to create from scratch. 

Reduce excavation works first.


Followed by the hardcore sub-base.

Hardcore on drives should be at least 150mm thick and compacted in a couple of layers using a roller or heavy plate compacted.

Two pairs of gates were installed on this drive, along with dry stone walls & kerbs using granite walling stone.

Once all the ground works have been completed, we could get on with installing the granite setts on the drive.

First we compacted a dry 5:1 course sand & cement mix.

We then install screed rails and screed the drive out in fairly small sections working to a preset gradient. 

Laying the fan shape granite sets on nets is the easy part.

We designed and got these granite sets manufactured in Xaimen in China, incorporating two colours of granite.

The granite set is adhered to a webbed plastic net in the factory, making the installation on site very quick.


After installing the granite sets on nets we can point all the paving.

We often use a brush in pointing compound called GftK and it’s so easy to apply, really quick and provides a far superior finish which last longer than your traditional sand & cement.  

You can see more about this brush in pointing compound by clicking here – GftK

Another granite paved drive below.

But this time we used large format paving slabs which were 60mm thick.

We also constructed the stone built garden walls surrounding this drive using local Cornish granite walling stone.

The drive below is a standard Tegula block paved drive which we installed at Pentire near Newquay.

And we laid Tegular block paving kerbs to form the edge and create a planter.

Slate chippings were used in the planter which were laid on top of a weed suppressant membrane.

This drive below was on a project in Bath.

First on the agenda was a vertical sleeper retaining wall, we started on the footings.

Excavating footings for vertical sleeper retaining wall

And then installed the sleepers.

installing sleeper wall

We also had to take down an existing Bath stone wall and re-build it using the same stone.

We also installed Cornish stone walling which wrapped around the rear  ground floor elevation of the house.


Tegula kerbs were used to form the perimeter of the drive and create planters.


Once all the kerbs were completed and the hardcore was laid, we called in the tarmac contractors.

Base coat & Top coat for a proper job.

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools are one of those items that we’ve been involved with a lot.

Customers often want us to get involved because we can manufacture the copings and install them along with the surrounding paving.

The granite coping stones below were designed by the customer and we got them manufactured out in Xaimen in China.

We are installing the electrical junction boxes below for the swimming pool lights. 

We took care of the entire installation of this swimming pool, the reinforced concrete floor/block built walls.

And the granite copings & paving.

Plus the swimming pool tiling which really set the granite off.

At Watergate Bays new Spa near Newquay in Cornwall, we were asked to manufacture and install granite copings and granite paving for their swimming pool too.

A light brown & sliver grey granite was used for this project. 

The granite paving was designed longer then your standard sizes because the customer wanted a narrower looking paving, to mimic the older style granite paving.

We used a mixture of different sands to get the right tones of colour for the pointing, which really sets off the granite paving.

The swimming pool below was just across the border in Devon. 

This time we installed a sand blasted sandstone paving.

The swimming pool below is near Padstow in Cornwall.

landscaping in cornwall

We had to acid wash all of this limestone paving back at our premises before bringing it to site.

We also had to create a drop down edge profile on the copings.

And as you can see below we had to overcome some quite tricky areas.

We installed all the limestone paving on this project.

We also supplied the slate copings to, all the radius copings were routed to shape on our CNC centre.

So if your looking for a company to help you with your landscaping in Cornwall.

A company that can supply all of your landscaping products, and install everything for you.

Then why not pop down to see us at Everything Stone in Par near St Austell in Cornwall.

We are open Mondays to Fridays from 08.00 – 17.00 & on Saturdays from 09.00 – 14.00.