Granite Wall Cladding

Posted On 06/07/2020
I wanted to show you this perfect example of granite wall cladding, being used to create a feature out of an otherwise boring row of terrace housing.

granite wall cladding by Everything Stone Our granite wall cladding system is really simple & quick to install.

And you don’t have to be a skilled mason to install this wall cladding system, anyone can do it following some basic rules.

granite wall cladding by Everything Stone But like any building project there are certain details that need to be considered.

And I think there are a few details that often get forgotten about during the design process.

When considering the use of a natural stone wall cladding system like ours, window & door reveals, heads & sills must be taken into consideration at the design stage.

granite wall cladding by Everything Stone You will notice on this granite wall cladding project, that full size granite quoins have been used on the corners of the walls.

Granite sills have also been used beneath the windows.

Also see how the chimney’s have been clad using the same granite wall cladding.

granite wall cladding by Everything Stone If you look closely you can see that the window & door reveals are also clad using the same granite wall cladding.

This is because our system comes with pre-manufactured quoins.

These pre-manufactured quoins enable the installer to create perfectly formed corners quickly & simply.

granite wall cladding by Everything Stone To find out more about the types of natural stone wall cladding we offer, click here – Natural Stone Wall Cladding

stone wall cladding displays And if you’d like to come and see the stone wall cladding in the flesh.

We have displays at our showroom in Par near St Austell in Cornwall.

You can view over 20 natural stone wall cladding displays.

And over 40 natural stone patios.

Our natural stone wall cladding systems have been rigorously tested under guidance from the LABC & NHBC.

Enabling their 10 years house building association warranty to be applied.

These stone wall cladding systems have a manufacturer’s guarantee of 25 years to block/brick-work.

And 15 years to our specially formulated cementitious building board, providing the products are used in their entirety & installed correctly.

To find out more you can visit us at our showroom and office in Par.

We’re open on Monday to Friday from 9 – 4.

And on Saturdays from 9 – 2.

Feel free to pop in or make an appointment.

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