Granite Setts

Posted On 24/02/2021
The proposed scheme for this drive way project in St Austell was all about the granite setts.

And the customer didn’t want your normal square 100mm x 100mm granite setts.

Instead, they wanted fan shaped granite setts, with a mixture of two different types of granite.

Granite setts by Everything Stone Fortunately we deal directly with a number of quarries and we got to work on the design process.

We came up with a fan shape sett on net design. And having all the setts attached to a net would massively speed up the the installation process.

Granite Setts by Everything Stone So whilst we were going through the design process, we got to work on site.

Granite Setts by Everything Stone laying the weed suppressant membrane.

Granite Setts by Everything Stone And the hardcore sub-base.

Granite Setts by Everything Stone Compacting in layers using the roller.

Before finishing off using the plate compactor.

  Then we set out our sting lines, and spread out a 4:1 sand & cement mix of sharp sand & cement.

And compact!

Then we install our screed rails to the correct height & gradient.

And Screed!

After removing the screed rails we can start to install the fan shaped granite setts on nets.

Granite Setts by Everything Stone We continue this process throughout the entire drive.

When all the paving has been installed it’s time for pointing.

And on this project we are using a two part brush in pointing compound called GftK.

As you see in the image above, this compound can be applied with plenty of water.

In fact the more water you use the easier it is to apply the compound.

GftK is so easy & quick to apply that it’s a no brainer from a labour perspective.

Granite Setts by Everything Stone And the finish is so much nicer than using the traditional sand & cement.

Plus it’s flexible, freeze proof, pressure washer proof & will last much longer compared to sand & cement.

Granite Setts by Everything Stone So there you have it, a new drive for a happy customer.

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