Granite Kitchen Worktops

Everything Stone is Cornwall & Devon’s premier granite worktop supplier. The granite we provide is of the best quality and we only source our granite from the best natural stone suppliers in the UK.

We template for our kitchen granite worktops using a type of plastic that is unique to Everything Stone, and is totally accurate. No more swelling due to water ingress using wooden templates.

Our fabrication is carried out using the latest machinery, including a laser guided bridge saw and CNC machine. All of our granite worktops are finely finished by hand to ensure the worktop leaves the factory in perfect condition.

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Worktop Colours

These days the choice of colour for your granite worktops is huge, and each person has his or her own preference to what they want

  • African Lilac

    African Lilac

  • Zimbabwe W Waterjet

    Zimbabwe W Waterjet

  • Zimbabwe Tranche Satinato

    Zimbabwe Tranche Satinato

  • Zimbabwe M

    Zimbabwe M

  • Zimbabwe M Satinato

    Zimbabwe M Satinato

  • Zimbabwe M Honed

    Zimbabwe M Honed

  • Zimbabwe M Anticato

    Zimbabwe M Anticato

  • Wild West Green

    Wild West Green

  • White Topazio

    White Topazio

  • Volga Blue

    Volga Blue

  • Volga Blue Dark

    Volga Blue Dark

  • Viscont White

    Viscont White

  • Verde Marinace

    Verde Marinace

  • Verde Marinace Satinato

    Verde Marinace Satinato

  • Verde Marina

    Verde Marina

  • Verde Fantastico

    Verde Fantastico

  • Verde Eucalyptus

    Verde Eucalyptus

  • Verde Bamboo

    Verde Bamboo

  • Verde Bahia Gloria

    Verde Bahia Gloria

  • Ubatuba


  • Tropical Storm

    Tropical Storm

  • Tropical Green (Kerala)

    Tropical Green (Kerala)

  • Titanium Black

    Titanium Black

  • Suede (Coffee Brown)

    Suede (Coffee Brown)

  • Steel Grey

    Steel Grey

  • Steel Grey Satinato

    Steel Grey Satinato

  • Stargate


  • Snow Fall

    Snow Fall

  • Silver Cloud

    Silver Cloud

  • Sea Wave Cosmic

    Sea Wave Cosmic

  • Sapphire Brown

    Sapphire Brown

  • Rosso Multicolour

    Rosso Multicolour

  • Rosso Marinace

    Rosso Marinace

  • Rosewood


  • River White

    River White

  • Rainbow White

    Rainbow White

  • Rainbow Bordeaux

    Rainbow Bordeaux

  • Pretoria Black

    Pretoria Black

  • Pink Porrino

    Pink Porrino

  • Paradiso


  • Olive Green

    Olive Green

  • Nordic Sunset

    Nordic Sunset

  • New Venetian Gold

    New Venetian Gold

  • New Kashmir White

    New Kashmir White

  • Lemurrian Blue

    Lemurrian Blue

  • Labrador Antique

    Labrador Antique

  • Juperana Torrone

    Juperana Torrone

  • Juperana Persa GP

    Juperana Persa GP

  • Juperana Florence

    Juperana Florence

  • Ivory White

    Ivory White

  • Ivory Gold

    Ivory Gold

  • Ivory Fantasy

    Ivory Fantasy

  • Ivory Chiffon

    Ivory Chiffon

  • Ivory Brown

    Ivory Brown

  • Indian Black

    Indian Black

  • Indian Black Satinato

    Indian Black Satinato

  • Indian Black Honed

    Indian Black Honed

  • Indian Black Anticato

    Indian Black Anticato

  • Imperial White

    Imperial White

  • Impala R

    Impala R

  • Impala M Honed

    Impala M Honed

  • Impala D

    Impala D

  • Impala D Satinato

    Impala D Satinato

  • Impala D Honed

    Impala D Honed

  • Impala Blue

    Impala Blue

  • Giallo Veneziano

    Giallo Veneziano

  • Giallo Topazio

    Giallo Topazio

  • Giallo Ornamentale

    Giallo Ornamentale

  • Emerald White

    Emerald White

  • Emerald Pearl Extra

    Emerald Pearl Extra

  • Emerald Black

    Emerald Black

  • Emeral Pearl Satinato

    Emeral Pearl Satinato

  • Dakota mahogany

    Dakota mahogany

  • Cosmic White

    Cosmic White

  • Cosmic Black

    Cosmic Black

  • Cosmic Black Satinato

    Cosmic Black Satinato

  • Colonial White

    Colonial White

  • Colonial Gold

    Colonial Gold

  • Colonial Cream

    Colonial Cream

  • Blue Pearl Royal

    Blue Pearl Royal

  • Blue Pearl LL

    Blue Pearl LL

  • Blue Pearl GT

    Blue Pearl GT

  • Black Pearl

    Black Pearl

  • Black Marinace

    Black Marinace

  • Black Galaxy

    Black Galaxy

  • Black Fusion

    Black Fusion

  • Bianco Sardo

    Bianco Sardo

  • Bianco Romano

    Bianco Romano

  • Bianca Eclipsia

    Bianca Eclipsia

  • Bethel White

    Bethel White

  • Baltic Green

    Baltic Green

  • Baltic Brown

    Baltic Brown

  • Balmoral Red

    Balmoral Red

  • Azul Paltino

    Azul Paltino

  • Aspen White

    Aspen White

  • Arctic White

    Arctic White

  • Antique Brown

    Antique Brown

  • Angola Blue

    Angola Blue

  • Angola Blue Moon

    Angola Blue Moon

  • Angola Black

    Angola Black

  • African Red

    African Red

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