Digitally Encapsulated Glass Panels

Posted On 16/06/2015
Our clients in Mylor wanted some artwork a local artist had designed on their walls and on their worktop but had the problem of making the artwork durable enough to withstand water, wiping and general traffic that a kitchen gets.  We were able to offer toughened glass panels with the artwork digitally printed and encapsulated on the reverse of the glass.  By doing that we were able to offer our customer a splash back behind his sink completely bespoke to him that no one else has or will ever have.  The glass now protects the artwork against all water and general wear and tear leaving our customer with a life time perfect condition image. IMG_3045  IMG_3048  IMG_3053 IMG_3055 Our customer also wanted similar artwork designed by the same artist on his breakfast bar and wanted this to have a very minimalistic look to it and to have no legs.  We therefore worked closely with our customer to create what you see below using bespoke polished stainless steel wall brackets and a powder coated centre support bracket.  Our customer now has undisturbed garden views whilst having his breakfast. IMG_3061  IMG_3066IMG_3062 IMG_3063 IMG_3065 To see what we can do in your kitchen please contact us and arrange a free consultation.