Bath Project – Cornish Walling Stone

Posted On 17/10/2014

Wych Elm is a residential house that has been built in Bath for a Cornish Client.  
5 We have been contracted to carry out various works on this project. 6 This second stage of works sees us starting to install the Cornish stone wall cladding around two curved walls.

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The Cornish stone is cut to 100mm thick, which minimizes the overall thickness of your wall.  
9 As we get higher we use a simple trestle and timber board scaffolding, which is easy to move about, quick to erect and inexpensive.11 Natural stone wall cladding often comes in crates, so it is important to unpack a couple of crates and wash the stone so you can clearly see each face.10 it’s best to load out the stone wall cladding face up because Seeing each face speeds up the installation process.8
Our client specifically chose this particular Cornish stone wall cladding due its pinky orange colour, unique to the quarry where it came from.  

As you can seem the colour ties in with the larch timber cladding as seen in the photo’s below.

Getting higher and work our way around the building, we now come to the window openings.

Click on this link – Slate Window Surround Sets to take you to a later post where we are installing slate window surround sets.

The natural Cornish stone wall cladding looks beautiful.

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