Carbis Bay Hotel and Spa – Limestone Paving, Steps & Coping Stones

Posted On 26/11/2013
We designed, supplied and installed all the limestone products that you can see in the photo’s below:           The clients found it difficult to visualize the completed Jacuzzi area which then lead to difficulty choosing the stone types for the various aspects of the areas surrounding the Jacuzzi.  So we came out to meet the client & surveyed the relevant areas that required stone products.  We went away and designed all the areas using a computer aided design program, and came back to meet, discuss and provide all the necessary information to the clients, so they could make a calculated decision on the stone types and details relating to the various stone products. C Bay 2 (16) The Limestone products were cut on a large laser guided bridge saw and fabricated on CNC machine.    All products were pre-sealed using Olle Repella before installation.  Final sealing was carried out by applying two coats of Dry Treat Stain Proof, offering a 15 year performance warranty. C Bay 2 (5)