Blanco Stellar Silestone Quartz Countertop

Posted On 28/07/2015

Our customers in Looe, Cornwall chose to have a white coloured quartz worktop called Blanco stellar.

Blanco Stellar is a white quartz with silver and crystal flecks throughout giving it a modern look and a clean feel.  

Silestone is the only brand that contains a unique bacteriostatic formula to prevent the propagation of bacterias, offering additional value for money protection.


We templated, fabricated and installed this beautiful worktop.

The fabrication, completed on CNC Machine, included single pencil edge profiling, a polished sink cut out,


Silestone® by Cosentino is made from over 90% natural quartz crystals, therefore the work surfaces have nearly four to five times the flexural strength of granite and a high resistance to scratch, stain and impact. 

With a ten-year warranty, Silestone® is the ideal surface for use in your kitchen either as a quartz worktop, flooring, splashbacks and wall cladding.

Silestone® is available in over 60 distinctive through-body colours and three finishes; polished, volcano and suede.


Have you ever wondered how much Quartz Worktops or granite worktops cost?


Well, to help you from being a little like this…

And a little bit more like this…

Click on to the link below which will take you to our Blog Post, explaining about the Cost of Granite Worktops versus Cost of Quartz worktops.