Bath Project – Retaining Wall

Posted On 05/12/2014
Ongoing works in the garden at Wych Elm see’s us constructing the main retaining wall structures.  First we have to get the blocks from the front of the house down into the bottom of the rear garden using a 6 ton dumper.  We try and minimize the amount of machinery we use on each job and in using the likes of Travis Perkins for some of our building materials, we can get away without having a telehandler on site.  Using less machinery on site also helps us to achieve a lower carbon foot print while carrying out the necessary works. 1   2 Once we’ve bumped out the concrete blocks we can construct the retaining walls. 5 6 7 8 119 10  12 As the retaining walls are being constructed we install a land drain behind the wall, right at the bottom.  The land drain is required in case a build up of water occurs.  We also need to back fill behind the wall using clean stone.  But first we need to install a membrane which protects the clean stone from getting contaminated from sub-soil. 14  1513  16