Bath Project – Bathstone Gate Posts

Posted On 18/04/2015
Continuing with our work in Bath, our clients managed to salvage two Limestone (Bath Stone) Gate Posts when the previous house was demolished.  We excavated the gate post holes to the correct depth and lowered the gate posts into position using a swing shovel and strops.  These posts were then braced using timber and concreted. photo 1  photo 3  photo 4photo 2  photo 5 We then started to remove large sections of the existing stone built boundary wall. photo 6  photo 7 photo 8  photo 9 photo 10 photo 11  photo 12 Once we had removed the necessary amount of stone from the existing boundary wall we started to re-construct the wall up to the correct height.  We re-used stone that was found on site throughout the build and we constructed the wall to match the existing boundary wall. photo 14  photo 15 We carted away many loads of spoil on site using standard haulage lorries but we also used grab lorries when access was a problem. photo 16 photo 17  photo 18