Balcony Screeding

Posted On 13/03/2018
Photos 1 Now time to screed the balcony deck. We use two layers of wax builders paper to separate the existing balcony deck substrate from the cementitious screed. We also install insulation around the perimeter of the balcony which is removed after screeding and filled with a weak 10:1 sand and cement. This detail allows the layer of screed to move as it heats and cools. The balcony deck always get’s very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter, so there is a lot of expansion and contraction movement. After the prep work is complete we screed the balcony. You will see that we have left lengths of timber running parallel with the balustrade base rail. This timber will be removed later and the linear drainage channels will be installed. We now install the linear drainage channels. The customer choose black plastic as they are having black limestone, but there is a huge choice of linear drainage channels available on the market today.