Dekton Wall Cladding Posted On 31/08/2021

Cosentino Dekton wall cladding is becoming one of the go to options for customers, architects and designers. And below you can see a recent project, using Dekton’s Blanc Concrete. Blanc concrete is from the Tech Collection and the colour is reminiscent of concrete.

Angola Blue Granite Worktops Posted On 07/07/2021

Our customers in Par chose Angola Blue granite worktops for their kitchen. Angola blue granite is quarried in Southwest Africa, in the Republic of Angola. With a very dark back ground, almost black, you will see greys and shimmering blues dotted throughout the worktop.

Statuario quartz worktops Posted On 27/06/2021

Our customer near St Columb Major in Cornwall chose Statuario quartz worktops for their new kitchen. Statuario is a quartz colour from a company called Unistone. And the colour looks like a lively stream, reminiscent of snow-covered rocks peaking above the flowing current.

Bianco Assoluto Quartz Worktops Posted On 02/06/2021

Customers in Harlyn Bay chose Bianco Assoluto quartz worktops for the kitchens in their development of four properties. Bianco Assoluto is a beautiful white quartz from Unistone. And is the perfect choice to help create a stunning kitchen.

Blue Pearl Granite Worktops Posted On 03/05/2021

Customers in Wadebridge, Cornwall, chose blue pearl granite worktops to go in their beautiful kitchen. Blue pearl is a Norwegian granite and is one of the hardest granites on the planet. Characterised by its large blue, pearly crystals, set in a luxurious deep blue stone.

Wild Stone Wall Cladding Posted On 22/04/2021

We have been involved with Wild Stone wall cladding since it first arrived in the UK. And we have supplied & installed this wall cladding on many projects. So we have a wealth of experience with this product.

Charcoal Slate Wall Cladding Posted On 12/04/2021

We recently supplied & installed charcoal slate wall cladding tiles on a project for two houses in Polzeath. So we get straight into the installation, installing battens at the bottom of the walls. The charcoal slate wall cladding tiles are laid on a bed of adhesive.

Concrete Quartz Worktops Posted On 05/04/2021

Customers in Killibury near Wadebridge in Cornwall chose Concrete Quartz Worktops to go with their amazing kitchen. This Concrete quartz is called Sleek Concrete and is manufactured by Caesar Stone. The unique colours of concrete are still a top choice for customers & designers alike.

Lyra Quartz Worktops Posted On 11/03/2021

Our customers from St Column in Cornwall chose Silestone’s Lyra quartz worktops for their new kitchen. Lyra has that beautiful vein running through a white back ground. Which gives you that traditional marble look that is really fashionable right now.

Granite Setts Posted On 24/02/2021

The proposed scheme for this drive way project in St Austell was all about the granite setts. And the customer didn’t want your normal square 100mm x 100mm granite setts. Instead, they wanted fan shaped granite setts, with a mixture of two different types of granite.