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Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Everything Stone is Cornwall & Devon’s premier quartz worktop supplier. We use quartz manufacturers such as Silestone, Caesar Stone, Du-ponts Zodiac, Okite, Technistone, plus others. We can offer warranties from most quartz manufacturers due to our fabrication techniques.

We template for our quartz kitchen worktops using a type of plastic that is unique to Everything Stone, and is totally accurate. No more swelling due to water ingress using wooden templates.

Our fabrication is carried out using the latest machinery, including a laser guided bridge saw and CNC machine. All of our quartz worktops are finely finished by hand to ensure the worktop leaves the factory in perfect condition.

Your quartz worktops are now delivered and installed by our own quartz worktop installation specialists.

Advantages of Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Quartz is very versatile and can be used in virtually any indoor surfacing application in floorings, bathroom and kitchens. The advantages of Quartz are:

  • The quartz in these composite surfaces naturally makes the surface scratch resistant
  • Quartz is the fourth hardest natural mineral behind Sapphire, Topaz and Diamonds
  • Unlike natural stone, these quartz surfaces are non porous making them highly resistant to stains and they do not have to be sealed making them lower maintenance
  • Unlike solid surfaces and laminates quartz surfaces are scorch resistant and will withstand limited expo sure to heat without burning or scorching
  • Quartz surfaces have four times the flexural strength of granite making it less susceptible to chipping and racking in transport
  • Quartz surfaces come in a variety of colours and appearances making them a number 1 choice for designers
  • Quartz surfaces come with warranty

Quartz Worktop Edge Profiles

We are able to offer many different edge profiles for your quartz worktops:

Cove Dupont Cove Ogee Dupont Full Bullnose Half Bevel Half Bullnose Ogee Quarter Bevel Straight Waterfall

Quartz Worktop Fabrication Details

We are able to offer many more items of fabrication such as a drop down edge profile, recessed sawn hob/sink cut outs, socket cut outs in splash back panels and many more, please feel free to contact Everything Stone

Sawn hob/sink cut out
Sawn hob/sink cut out
Curved end
Curved end
Radius corner
Radius corner
Polished under-mounted sink cut out
Polished under-mounted sink cut out
Recessed drainer
Recessed drainer
Drainer grooves
Drainer grooves

Quartz Information

There are many different types of finishes for kitchen work surfaces. Each person has his or her own preference to what they want. The standard, most practical and elegant finish to a kitchen is a polished finish. We are able to source other slabs with different finishes but here a just a few options below.

Thickness of Slab Sizes of Slab Variety of Colours Types of Finishes Warranty (years)
Silestone 12, 20, 30 3270 x 1625 (XL)
3040 x 1380 (S)
70 + Matt, Honed, Polished, Leather 10 Limited
Caeser Stone 13, 20, 30 3060 x 1440 (S) 65 + Matt, Honed, Polished, Veneto 15 Limited
Okite 13, 20, 30 3060 x 1400 (S) 66 Matt, Honed, Polished 10
Du-Pont Zodiac 12, 20, 30 3060 x 1400 (S) 63 Matt, Honed, Polished 10 Limited


How quickly will you supply my quartz worktops?

We aim to fit the worktops within 10 working days of templating. If you book in your template 4 weeks before we template, we can offer a 6 - 7 working day turn around.

Can you supply quartz worktops in complex shapes?

Yes, we fabricate using a Computer Numerical Controlled machine (CNC), so we can achieve a multitude of radius's, curves, cut outs etc.

What is the longest length of quartz I can have?

The large slab length varies depending on what manufacturer you go with, some manufacturers offer different slab sizes. As a rough guide, I would work on the basis of 3.0m and if you require a 100mm or 200mm more, contact us and request further information.

Do you use subcontractors to template or install your quartz worktops?

No. We employ our own team of specialist templators and installers.

Do my units need any extra strengthening before quartz worktops are installed?

If you are installing new units then they will certainly be strong enough to support your quartz worktops, provided your units are installed as per the manufactures instructions. However, it is a good idea to put a batten around the perimeter of the wall to give the quartz additional support especially in the corners of the room. Extra support is sometimes required where the quartz is to be joined. Advice can be given on the day of templating.

Do you offer quartz samples?

We are happy to send out quartz samples by post, or you can come into the showroom and pick up samples to take home.

What should I do before templating?

We will send you a template check list before we template, outlining everything you need to do before we arrive. But in short, before templating, your base units must be lined up, levelled and firmly fixed in place. The units must not move after templating. If you have temporary worktops, these should be removed etc.

What should I do before installation?

We require parking close to the address, clear access to the work area and may require outside space. Some dust and noise could be made on the day of installation. Please make any parking or access restrictions known to us prior to installation.

Will I need to seal my quartz worktop?

No, your quartz worktops do not requiring sealant as the sealant was added into the mix when the quartz worktops were formed. All quartz worktops are stain resistant.

How do you join the worktop?

We aim to minimise joins and put them into the most discrete and practical positions. The slabs of quartz sit next to each other with less than a 2mm wide gap this is then flush filled with a water tight two part epoxy resin. The joins are not invisible but nor are they intrusively obvious.

How thick is your quartz?

Quartz comes in 12mm, 13mm, 20mm & 30mm depending on manufacturer. 30mm has been the most common, but to bring worktops within budget and to look more contemporary, 20mm is becoming more popular. You can use the 12mm or 13mm quartz to achieve.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, our showroom is located in Par, near St Austell in Cornwall. Please refer to the contact us page above. Our showroom is open from Monday to Friday 08.30 - 16.30 and on Saturdays from 09.00 - 14.00. We can meet you at the showroom after these hours upon request.

Can I scratch my quartz worktop?

It is difficult to scratch quartz, you would have to press down very hard with a knife to succeed.

Can I chip my quartz worktop?

If you hit the quartz worktop hard with something substantial on a corner, edge or across a cut out, it could chip. Usually if you drop a glass or mug on the worktop, the glass or mug will smash not harming the quartz.

Do you provide plumbing or electric services?

Generally no, we always fit your undermounted sinks, fit the attachments and seal it to the quartz but will not plumb the sink in. However, we can arrange your plumber or electrician for you. We have a few different plumbers and electricians that we use depending on the location of the job.

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